Taxi Advertising

Taxi Advertising

Advertised everywhere and still not getting the desired results-look no further!

Gloucester Taxis is a growing business and is always looking at ways to promote its service and expand as well as helping other companies to do the same. At Gloucester Taxis we appreciate how difficult it can be to get the exposure required and really get the business recognised. With eye catching and expertly produced marketing, one cannot fail to notice Gloucester Taxis dominating the busiest locations, reaching areas where other advertising is not permitted. Gloucester Taxis spend 90% of their time within major City Centres dominating the key retail & business areas. Advertising with Gloucester Taxis gives you the opportunity to create standout media in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

We ensure that every client receives a personal service second to none. Whatever the weight or duration of your campaign, our personal service & ethos of flexibility will create a successful campaign to suit every need.

At Gloucester Taxis we believe we are in an ideal position to help as we deal with the public everyday. We are currently affiliated with many pubs, nightclubs, restaurants & offices. If you would like to advertise on our private hire cars or affiliate with us in any way we would like to here from you. Please email; with any suggestions or propositions you may have and we will look into it.

We can develop a range of specialist services which can be tailored to suit your business:

  • Easy integration of your brand or logo
  • Business Card Affiliate scheme
  • Website Affiliate scheme
  • Transport Marketing
  • SMS your potential client
  • Bluetooth systems delivering direct messages

The Benefits

  • Direct Advertising
  • Unique Branding
  • Over 20,000 views per day
  • No minimum account
  • Web exposure also
  • Cost effective